It’s Time to Switch to a Software Platform You Can Trust

We’ve chosen to focus on independent practices because we believe in what you do. We share the vision that independent practices are the best place for building relationships with patients and providing the most meaningful care. In fact, we believe that this is why people become health care providers in the first place.

One place for all of your needs

AdvanaCare is the only cloud-based, clinical and business management platform designed specifically for the independent practice. Our integrated modules work together as part of a seamless platform, so you have helpful tools to tackle your toughest administrative challenges. These tools include electronic health records, practice management, marketing, patient engagement and billing software. 

Is your medical billing at its best?

Is your medical billing everything it should be? Are you losing revenue because of out of date software or inefficient processes? Lets us compare your practice metrics against accepted industry best practices to determine if you need to make a change.

It’s Time to Switch to a Software Platform You Can Trust

AdvanaCare is an all-in-one, integrated technology platform that streamlines care delivery, patient engagement and business management workflows. One of the most important factors in determining the ongoing success of today’s independent medical practice is operational efficiency. You don’t have time to log into multiple solutions and double-enter data. You need one solution to meet all your practice needs, from billing, electronic health records, patient
intake, telemedicine, patient engagement, eRx and more.

Improving efficiency in all areas of patient care and business management has become an imperative, especially in independent practices with big goals and limited staff. Unfortunately, the market is currently flooded with disconnected and inadequate solutions leaving practices to juggle multiple tools that don’t
address their needs. It’s no wonder clinicians report spending 43% of their time entering data, and only 28% with patients

How’s Your Patient Experience?

Patients have become savvy and vocal consumers, expecting technology-enabled
conveniences and a high level of service. Patient experience can now make or break your practice.

Do you have secure two-way communication for patients and staff?

Do you offer a patient portal for lab results and access to medical records?

With the increase in high-deductible healthcare plans, patient payments can represent 30% or more of your practice revenue.

Practices are focused on new policies, procedures and workflows to ensure efficient and reliable patient collections.

Do you offer multiple easy and convenient ways for patients to pay their balances?

Are You Keeping Up With MIPS and CMS Regulations?

CMS increased the performance threshold to 15 points for providers
to avoid the 5% penalty, applied to payments in 2020. Beginning in
the 2021 performance period, the new MIPS Value Pathways (MVP)
participation framework will seek to overhaul MIPS reporting to
reduce burden and make the program more meaningful for
participating clinicians and patients.

EHRs have become even more vital to delivering quality care,
avoiding costly penalties and getting paid. But not all software
vendors have the right technology solutions to scale into the future.
Many EHRs are poorly funded, have not met regulatory requirements
or are going out of business.

Do you have a reliable software partner
that streamlines your regulatory compliance and helps you receive
merit-based incentives while avoiding costly penalties?

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