Safeguard Your EMR Data

EMR data extraction at MDH Insight is one of the fundamental features that truly set us apart from our competition. Typically the critical first step in obtaining existing legacy patientdata, proper EMR data extraction means exporting as much data as possible in a usable format in order to seamlessly migrate to the new system. Leveraging technology with the vast skills of our technical team, our sole focus is unshackling your data from the clutches of the legacy EMR system. With ourcomprehensive, efficient, and effective approach, your practice is able to grow in a pain-free and secure manner.

EMR/EHR Data Extraction

At MDH Insight, we are able to take patient data from the old system, and depending on the circumstances, often without engaging the EMR vendor. Unfortunately, many EMR vendors are slow, costly, and difficult when it comes to getting data out of their system. We promise our clients faster, more accurate, and higher quality results. Additionally, we are able to make certain that the data is converted into the new EMR system’s format, ensuring a smooth and safe transition.

Unmatched Quality Assurance

Capable of desktop and/or server-based extraction in your office, MDH Insight saves time and ensures accuracy with our proven two-pull data system. Quality assurance at MDH Insight is powerful and unique:

  1. Initial Data Pull: preliminary quality assurance via gap analysis as we identify issues within the data and work out any and all bugs. The practice must sign-off on our initial data pull before we move on to the final data pull.
  2. Final Data Pull: ensure that the data is up-to-date as we capture any changes in activity between data pulls. Our final data pull is initiated a week before the new EMR system goes live.

Two data pulls means thorough and meticulous EMR data extraction, each and every time. While our in-depth, systematic approach remains the steady, MDH Insight is able to tailor data extraction to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Consequently, our clients can feel confident and secure in trusting our process, allowing them to shift their focus to the continual improvement of patient care.

MDH Insight understands that the healthcare industry depends on complete and accurate data, especially during the EMR data extraction process. For that reason, when it comes to accurate data: We Deliver.

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