Prioritize your patients’ and providers’ time

Early in the pandemic, other telemedicine providers struggled to keep up the skyrocketing influx of patients. 

The “other guys” wait time: up to 22 hours.
The ADVANACARE wait time: 10 minutes.

Since then, we’ve continued to provide an unparalleled patient experience with shorter wait times than competitors. 

Our asynchronous care solution doesn’t stop at improving patient wait times. Our solution allows providers to deliver care in under two minutes. Proving that despite a 700% increase in virtual visits, providers are still able to keep up and provide quality care. 

Asynchronous telemedicine is the foundation of the future.

Telemedicine isn’t limited to video visits. Asynchronous intelligent interviews have become the new model of care delivery. The asynchronous capability enables a connected care experience for patients, and streamlines the treatment process for providers.

Get Connected today!