Streamline Access to Historical EMR Data

Is your healthcare organization at risk of leaving data behind? MDH Insight offers EMR data archiving to provide healthcare organizations with a unique solution to accessing their records from their legacy EMR data. With their legacy EMR system in read-only mode, many practices are at risk without even realizing it. But with MDH Insight’s EMR data archive, patient data that cannot be migrated to the new system can be securely stored and linked to the new system for reference and HIPAA compliance purposes. Our unique system is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant patient chart archive that is fully searchable.

Data archiving is important for a number of reasons. Not only will archiving shrink the cost of a legacy system, but it will help to streamline access to historical EMR data while eliminating EMR data conversion issues. In addition, EMR data archiving will merge data storage while greatly reducing risk.

EMR data archiving with MDH Insight delivers the following advantages:

  • Extract EMR data from a legacy system, migrate the EMR data, and then standardize the EMR data in a database
  • Clinical data is stored discretely and not just in documents
  • Make your historical EMR data accessible, simple, and easy-to-use
  • Comply with state and federal regulations for legacy patient records
  • Safeguard the continuity of your patient care
  • Increase the speed of your new EMR system
  • Save money by archiving legacy data then shutting down your old EMR system
  • Quickly search, print, and export your patients records
  • Safe, secure and compliant PHI data
  • Stored in the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere
  • Access with a secure link to the patient chart in the archive from the new system

With a manageable, cloud-based interface, MDH Insight’s EMR data archiving is a source for legacy EMR data across your healthcare organization. We preserve your patients’ full legal records and save you money as you avoid leaving your legacy EMR system running and holding decades of data. Our data team is committed to ensuring complete EMR data integrity while providing uncomplicated, structured access.


Protect Your Legacy EMR Data

EMR data archiving with MDH Insight can include the following information:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Charts
  • Medications
  • Problems
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Scanned Documents
  • Procedures
  • Lab Results
  • Encounter Notes

MDH Insight is proud to offer EMR data archiving to healthcare organizations both large and small. As we seamlessly safeguard your legacy EMR data at affordable prices, our team of data experts are laser focused on MDH Insight’s brand promise: We Deliver.

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