MDH Insight is steadfast in fulfilling our brand promise: We Deliver.

At MDH Insight, we are a team of tech savvy professionals who share the same core values – hard work, passion, and a determination to change the way the world does business by leveraging technology. With over 20 years of experience, MDH Insight is leading a revolution in the healthcare industry, one EHR data conversion at a time.

The healthcare industry depends upon accurate data to provide optimal patient care. Our role in this process ensures that quality patient care remains steady during the transition to a new EHR system.

We are a trusted partner in the healthcare industry providing the following services:

We take the pain out of EHR data migrations so our clients can continue to deliver quality care for their patients.

MDH Insight takes pride in serving the following types of clients:

With hundreds of successful migrations under our belts, the team at MDH Insight understands what it takes to serve a broad assortment of clients both large and small.

MDH Insight offers unmatched EHR data expertise to our clients. In doing so, we promise to make each and every data conversion pain-free, reliable, secure, and HIPAA-compliant. We take pride in our dedication to responsiveness, speed, and, most importantly, data accuracy to truly transform the way practices do business.

While no other EHR data migration companies offer a guarantee, MDH Insight offers a 5-Point Guarantee. In fact, our guarantee lays the foundation for who we are as an organization: honest, dedicated to data accuracy, HIPAA-compliant, responsive, and fast

  • 1-Year Work Guarantee
  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • 100% HIPAA-Compliant
  • No Overseas Resources Ever
  • Data Used for Migration Only