How it works

Get your treatment in 3 easy steps

Online consultation

Start a 2 minutes online consultation with simple questions about your health.

Order medication

Our US medical team will then recommend a treatment and issue a free prescription.

Express Delivery

Your treatment will be sent direct from our pharmacy in discreet packaging.

No appointments, no embarrassment

It’s not always easy to talk to someone about prescription treatments. With ZipHealth, you don’t need to.

Patient Satisfaction

Increase patient satisfaction with flexible scheduling, fewer cancellations, prescription direct to patient preferred pharmacy, and reduced travelling for patient.

Secure Video Calls

Secure face-to-face video and audio capabilities. Secure audio and/or video TeleMedicine visit.

Express Pharmacy

Select most convenient pharmacy for your patients based on their Geo-Locations.

Push Notifications

Send automated in-App push notifications to your patients for events configured.

Expand Patient Base

Provide care to more patients with extended reach – benefit from reduced costs and more revenue through heightened efficiency INCREASE

Express Payments

Generate claims or even process cash and/or credit card payments with built-in practice management solution. Check insurance eligibility for virtual visits in advance