Patients demand more from their healthcare!

Your patient doesn’t have time to wait at a clinic. Even a phone visit is twenty minutes they can’t spare. And if they miss the phone call, the process starts all over again. 

They want to share her symptoms with a provider quickly so she can get back to her life. He / She wants a patient experience that’s simple, seamless, and treats her like a human. 

With ADVANACARE’ store-and-forward clinical protocols, Your patient gets the care they are looking for without any of the hassle. Quality care doesn’t have to be complicated.

Make patients happy now

Remove the complexities of Healthcare Today!

Virtual care isn’t about replacing in-person care, it’s about giving patients the right care when they need it. AdvanaCare’s solution was designed to turn patient experiences into consumer-grade interactions from start to finish.

Less hassle

Your patient saves hours of time and avoids having to navigate a confusing system. You patient has more control over their healthcare. Make a positive impact in your patients healthcare with Advanacare!


Your patient can access your team’s healthcare from anywhere, anytime and soon in any language. Coming 2022!


Gained trust

Now that your patients have had a good experience. They will confer with their friends and family and brag about the amazing experience. Your patient will feel empowered and not miss appointments again!