Taking the Pain Out of Data Migrations

EMR data migration at MDH Insight means freeing our client’s data from the clutches of EMR vendors, removing stress and adding security during each and every step of the data conversion. Committed to taking the pain out of EMR data migration, we safeguard all legacy clinical data from existing EMR systems during our EMR data extraction process.With our focus on no interruptions, your focus can remain on providing quality patient care.

EMR Data Migration

Some of most noteworthy elements of EMR data migration at MDH Insight include:

  • Responsiveness
  • Accuracy
  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Transparency
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Fixed Pricing
  • Unwavering commitment to our brand promise: We Deliver

EMR vendors, healthcare organizations, and individual/group practices spend considerable time researching and choosing new electronic medical records systems. Once a selection is made, implementing the new system can be challenging and cumbersome, especially when it comes to importing legacy data into the new EMR system.Most importantly, an emphasis must be placed on the quality of data and the speed of the migration. Practices depend on accuracy and timeliness to keep their patient care at an optimal level.

Easy, Reliable EMR Data Conversions

MDH Insight is dedicated to leveraging your existing data with ease. Through the use of features like interactive dashboards and reports, our EMR data migration tactics make data conversion accessible, reliable, secure, and fast.

Successful EMR data migrations bank on data quality. So, bank on MDH Insight because when it comes to accurate data: We Deliver.

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