Attract and retain patients with virtual urgent and primary care.

Opening brick and mortar urgent care clinics and acquiring primary care practices is an expensive way to attract and retain patients. Expand your reach without the cost of building new facilities or acquiring practices. Virtual primary care provides the convenience today’s patients demand and is the ideal solution for ambulatory care.



Choose a virtual care platform that won’t compete with you.

Most telehealth vendors are also healthcare providers, with direct-to-consumer offerings that compete for your patients. eVisit isn’t a healthcare provider. We give you the platform to deliver virtual care to your patients using your network of providers.



Enhance your existing patient workflows.

You shouldn’t have to change your patient workflows to fit your virtual care software. With eVisit, you don’t have to. Our robust workflow engine has over 150 points of configuration, so you get the flexibility you need to enhance and automate your unique workflows.


Reduce technology barriers.

Technology barriers can make delivering virtual care challenging. With eVisit, our adaptive, enterprise-grade video works within stringent firewalls and security policies while delivering HD quality video—all with no plugins.

Never worry about HIPAA compliance.

When the privacy and security of patient information is taken care of, you can focus on care. Our telehealth platform keeps patient data locked down with eVault—our double-encrypted, patient data security database.