Maine Telemedicine Policy

Telemedicine in Maine: Policies

Maine is a great example of a state that has telemedicine figured out! Maine enacted its telemedicine parity law for both Medicaid and private insurance back in 2009. This means the state of Maine requires its Medicaid program, state employee health plans, and all private insurance carriers to reimburse telemedicine in the same way as in-person medical services. In other words, it’s a big win for telemedicine providers!

  • Maine’s Medicaid is fairly flexible when it comes to telemedicine coverage. The provider manual says that as long as “the member is eligible for the underlying covered service and providing it via telehealth is medically appropriate, the member is eligible for telehealth services.” Medicaid does list a few specific exclusions, such as ambulance and pharmacy services. Check the Telehealth section of your MaineCare Provider Manual for more information.

    Maine Telemedicine Policy

State Policy Overview

  • Medicaid
  • Private Payers
  • Parity