South Dakota Telemedicine Policy

Telemedicine in South Dakota : Policies

South Dakota’s telemedicine policies have volleyed back and forth, but the state’s lawmakers are still making progress. The state does set some restrictions on patient settings (at the time of the visit) and types of telemedicine that can receive Medicaid coverage.

However, South Dakota has joined the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact and has implemented several telehealth programs to provide substance abuse treatment to rural areas of the state. Also, although the state does not yet have a telehealth parity law, one has been proposed.


South Dakota Telemedicine Medicaid Policy

Live Video Reimbursements

South Dakota Medicaid will reimburse for limited services at the same rate as in-person services.  See manual for a complete list of CPT codes. See SD Medical Assistance Program, Professional Svcs. Manual, p. 18-21

Store & Forward reimbursement

South Dakota Medicaid defines telemedicine as occurring in “real time”, excluding store and forward applications. See SD Medical Assistance Program, Professional Svcs. Manual, p. 18



State Policy Overview

  • Medicaid
  • Private Payers
  • Parity