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Simple pricing that scales with your practice


Whether you need unlimited video visits for your private practice or the ability to support multiple practice locations, specialties, and appointment types, AdvanaCare has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Independent plans are $150 per provider per month, providers may cancel at any time.

What is the onboarding process?

Once we receive your trial request and payment info is on file, you will receive an implementation worksheet. Upon completion, our team will finish configuring your account. At this time, providers in your group will receive emails providing access to our platform and online training modules.

How long does onboarding take?

Typically it takes about two weeks for an independent or small group practice to complete onboarding and go ‘live’. It can be completed in a few hours if you’re motivated, but two to three weeks is normal.

Are appointments reimbursable?

Yes. Video visits are often reimbursable at the exact same rate as a comparable in-person service.

Which payers cover video visits?

Commercial payers generally cover video visits, in many cases they are required to by state law. Traditional medicare restricts the location of the patient, so video visits are generally an uncovered service. We verify eligibility for every appointment, and in the case that video visits are determined to be an uncovered service, we’ll allow you to collect a self-pay rate from the patient.

Is there a fee for patient payment processing?

We do not charge an additional fee, however standard credit card processing fees of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction apply.

When is payment collected?

The patient is required to enter a credit card in order to enter the appointment. Upon completion of the appointment, the provider will indicate the appointment type, and charge the appropriate amount. Co-pay, deductible, self-pay rates will apply the same as an in-person visit.

What if I don’t want to charge patients through your system?

No problem, we can turn that feature off.

What is the best way to get help for live appointments?

In-app chat is by far the fastest and most efficient way to receive help for live appointments.

Is there a mobile app?

Patients have the option to use our iOS or Android mobile application to access their appointment. Providers may access appointments from any laptop or desktop via our web platform.

Is Chiron HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Privacy and security are our top priorities. All of our solutions are designed with HIPAA in mind. We will execute a BAA as part of the sign-up process.