We value your time.

AdvanaCare Inc. treats all current and new potential clients like family. Once you are part of the AdvanaCare family you will really know what support means. If this request has been sent during normal business hours, then expect a return call within 2 hours of your request. If not then expect it the very next business day. Thank you again for choosing AdvanaCare Inc.

The telemedicine platform that empowers providers and prioritizes patients.

We’re reshaping healthcare through an innovative combination of video, asynchronous intelligent interviews, phone consultations, and real-time chat. This is the healthcare experience we all deserve. This isn’t technology that piles on layers of complexity. It’s technology that handles the complexity of the system for you. AdvanaCare is the only telemedicine platform designed to improve care outcomes by intelligently routing patients to the best modality of care based on their condition and needs.