The case, a combination of coronavirus and influenza infection, was detected at the Getty Center testing site​ in Brentwood, reports said.

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA — A COVID-19 testing site has found the first known case of “flurona” in Los Angeles County, according to a report by KNBC. Flurona is what public health officials are calling a double infection of influenza and the coronavirus.

The case was detected at the Getty Center testing site in Brentwood, KNBC reported Wednesday. It was detected four days ago in a child returning from a trip to Mexico.

Coronavirus hospitalizations in Los Angeles County spiked to well above 2,000 COVID-positive patients Tuesday. Pediatric hospitalizations are also surging, nearly tripling in December.

According to state figures, there were 2,240 COVID-positive patients in county hospitals as of Tuesday, a jump from 1,994 on Monday. Of those patients, 303 were being treated in intensive care, an increase from 278 a day earlier.

The flu and coronavirus have similar symptoms including fever, cough, fatigue, runny nose, sore throat, and muscle and body aches. The viruses are also transmitted similarly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So far, the only other known case of flurona in the United States was found in a Houston teenager who had been vaccinated against the coronavirus but not the flu, The Washington Post reported.