AdvanaCare Inc are data migration experts an award-winning data management firm with a proven ability to extract, migrate and archive data with 100% integrity. We offer both EMR migration and conversion. We also tackle ERP data migration
and conversion. But, because of the layer of complexity (and therefore cost) defined above between the two options, we like to hold a strategic discussion when presented with an opportunity for a patient data migration of any sort – especially when there is an inventory of multiple source legacy systems from
 a large health system.

Often, when we perform EHR data migration services, we do so to help decommission legacy systems. The typical scenario is that a hospital or medical practice is moving from one EHR to another. We are engaged to extract data from the source system and work with the provider to put the right patient data migration plan in place.  At the highest level, that plan considers two data migration pathways:

Data migration for EHR is an integral part of a successful EHR Go-Live

EHR Data Migration can be very complicated, depending on how the data transfers and where it’s stored. It’s common knowledge that, based on government mandates, the Continuity of Care Document (CCD) specification is a healthcare standard that EHRs will use to exchange data.  AdvanaCare Inc. has an in-depth knowledge of best practices that can help ensure that this process is seamless for your organization

For a EHR Data Migration to be successful, the individual must be as talented as the technology itself. EHR builders must interpret the data correctly. Any data misinterpreted can be detrimental to patient safety. Due to this process, migrating the data must be addressed with the utmost safety and security. The new system must have up to date and clean data for optimal functionality.

AdvanaCare’s success with EHR Data Migration relies heavily on our experienced team. We utilize a talented group with in-depth clinical knowledge that allows the procurement of the optimal information. During this process, our team parses out incorrect data and address the inaccuracies as needed.

Once the EHR Data Migration period ends, AdvanaCare implements a proven testing process to ensure the accuracy of all the data. A common misconception is that once the data is in the new system, the work ends. However, several additional workflows and scenarios must be implemented to ensure all the information is correct.

The  Advanacare’s team trains all necessary staff to master the new system and understand information from the EHR Data Migration Solution process.

Clean Patient Records

  • Filter patient records before migrating to a new EHR
  • Remove patient records that are no longer required or relevant helps simply overall your database
  • Remove all inactive patients (moved, deceased, no longer active) from your system

Transfer Data

  • PAMI: (Patient Allergies, Medications, Immunizations)
  • Histories
  • Health Maintenance
  • Labs

Quality Assurance

  • Workflows and scenarios must be implemented to ensure all the information is correct
  • Cross-referencing with Legacy system
  • Clinical staff transfers data and validates